Teachers Point of View

Guitar Lovewell

“Lovewell Institute is a giant step forward in theatre education. The instructors who lead our workshops were knowledgeable, talented and confident teachers. They inspired creativity among our students in an atmosphere that was positive and non-judgmental taking the project to greater heights more quickly than we could have hoped.  Every school arts program needs to be exposed to the techniques of Lovewell. I will encourage my students to join the Lovewell Summer program to continue this process.”

Robert D. Nation
Director of Theatre, Flanagan H.S.
M.A.Theatre, Actor’s Equity Assoc.

“I have been a drama teacher for more years than I’d like to admit. I have directed on amateur and professional stages. I have taught in the private and public sector. I thought I had experienced every aspect of theatre, but not until Lovewell came into my classroom and touched the lives of young and old who have been affected by bullying, did I finally realize why I love theatre. It creates social change. The Weight of Words is on the tongues of every South Florida student, teacher and administrator who has seen this production and it is all thanks to Lovewell.”

Nina Zakrzewski
2013 Broward County Arts Teacher of the Year
Theatre Instructor
Nova High School
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Partner in The Weight of Words, Lovewell’s first anti-bullying show

“After attending a Lovewell workshop, the students involved came back artistically rejuvenated with a new passion for the arts and an understanding of their creative potential.  As a High school teacher I can think of nothing better than to give that experience to each of my students.  Thanks Lovewell!”

Jennifer Hemme
Theatre Instructor
Green Valley High School
Henderson, Nevada


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