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1. Art Is Here (from State Of The Art)Nathan Tysen and Ensemble
2. Sidetracked (from Sidetracked) Ande Alvarez and Ensemble
3. Eve’s Song (from Fallen) Lucia Spina
4. Me Time (from Paradise Found) Holly McLean and Erin Debold
5. E Bule Mama (from Livstecken) Ensemble
6. We’re Still Here (from Daybreak) Jenniffer Nilsén and Jason Pomerantz
7. Think Me (from Define It) Jacob Jeffries
8. Everything Is Possible (from Nefertiti) Emily Afton
9. In Good Hands (from Blue Moon) Ambar Torres
10. I’m Still Painting (from Book of Phil) Nicole Van Giesen
11. Everything’s Divine (from Carry On) Nils-Petter Ankarblom
12. Beautiful In Me (from Taking Root) Nori Tecosky and Jason Pomerantz
13. Don’t Let Gravity Get You Down (from The Gloaming) David Spangler, Nils-Petter Ankarblom and Carrie Gilchrist
14. Goodbye, Goodnight, Your Eyes (from Peace Of Mind) Gabby Groten, Richard Cortez and Angela Miller
15. I Won’t Need You (from Let There Be Balloons) Andrew Call
16. Dreams And Imagination (from Instinct) Sandra Kassman
17. Home In You (from About Face) Meagan Nagy and Michael Finke
18. Chain Of Change (from 360º) Sara Hedlund and Ensemble


Purchase songs on iTunes from Lovewell’s
first ever anti-bullying project-
The Weight of Words

1. The Weight of Words
The Nova High Lovewell Project

2. Watching You
The Nova High Lovewell Project
3. Save Me Jalisa Graham and the Nova High Lovewell Project

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