Are you on the lookout for new material to use in your classroom, in your theatre and at competitions?  We recently created the Lovewell Songbook Volume One that is chock full of original, moving songs that have yet to make their way to many ears.

We also have a catalogue of new works written by students for students. Currently, there are seven full length musicals available to rent at a fraction of the cost of the big shows. The advantage in using one of our orignal shows is that the students can truly relate to the material because it is relevant to where they are in their lives and the way in which they feel about the world.  These are not High School Musical, they are thought provoking shows that leave the audiences thinking and bring the cast to a new level of performance.  Read more about our catalogue HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lovewell method and how you can use it in your work, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Finally, through Nova Southeastern University, our Founder, Dr. David Spangler, offers courses in the Interdisciplinary arts where you can earn college credits and learn about the Lovewell Method.

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