Building a Cultural Community

The most important thing that Lovewell does is to ignite the spark of ¬†creative thinking in students, parents, local artists, teachers and ultimately the whole surrounding community. Creative involvement promotes motivated learning and unity. There is never a losing team in the Lovewell game. Our slogan is “building a cultural community through arts education” and that’s exactly what we do. Our programs galvanize our fragmented communities and rally people around issues of common concern by co-creating publicly performed theatre pieces – maximum ownership, maximum buy-in, maximum involvement.

Employing the Lovewell Method, our staff guides students through the rough waters of bringing order out of chaos, meaning out of data, and resolution out of random events. The themes, characters, dialogue, plot, music, lyrics, design and dances in our productions are generated directly from the imagination, experience, and innate wisdom of the students. The Lovewell Method utilizes creative problem solving, and anyone watching our process knows the high degree of critical thinking that occurs as we develop our projects. The process of creating our shows is a training ground for group dynamics, team-building, organizational strategy, emotional intelligence, and vocational skills.

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