1. Within me there is boundless creative power.
  2. I am now at this moment, all that I need to be.
  3. I visualize perfection daily, until I breathe it into expression.
  4. I am pure energy and awareness.
  5. All my needs will always be supplied by my understanding of creativity.
  6. I have a kind thought for everyone, may we create today in the spirit of cooperation and joy.
  7. Now let me in silence reaffirm why I am here.

The Affirmations have become a cornerstone of the Lovewell philosophy and the main ingredient that sets the Lovewell Method apart from all other interdisciplinary arts pedagogies and theatre programs. Learning to see through the eyes of an artist is a skill that can be applied to almost any task and any profession. The perspective of an artist is not exclusive to the arts, and this skill can be transferred to many other applications. In the context of a Lovewell workshop, the arts are used to teach this form of perception. The sense of presence and the ability to focus on abstract symbols and ideas are valuable proficiencies in any context.

These seven self-empowering meditations allow creative artists the opportunity to go inside their own minds and find answers to guide themselves (as well as the collective group) for the day. Each affirmation has its own unique function in the Lovewell Method. Throughout the workshops, students find themselves utilizing these affirmations to push themselves through the challenging process of writing and producing a piece of interdisciplinary art. And as they start to apply these ideas through their art, changes occur in their everyday thinking. The students begin to treat each other with a new understanding of what it means to collaborate. Together in thought, and together in creation, illuminating common issues and experiences.

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View the Affirmations in Italian.

View the Affirmations in Russian.

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